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A Modern Solution for Traditional Care

Healthchat offers colleges and universities a highly-affordable and powerful way to improve access to healthcare services for students and staff. Healthchat helps doctors and students communicate in a fast, simple and convenient way – complementing class schedules and school activities.

As part of Healthchat’s commitment to supporting Education; Doctors, counselors and students at qualifying schools can access the Healthchat network for FREE.

Schools love Healthchat because:

It’s affordable

Free for many colleges and universities worldwide.

It’s easy to Implement

Integrates with existing apps or can be used independently.

It set you apart

Attract more students by offering remote telehealth services.

It’s private and secure

HIPAA compliant with all of your information encrypted.

Students love Healthchat because:

It’s Simple to Use

Easily connect with a designated school doctor or your own doctor. Not a stranger.

It’s cost efficient

Reduce transportation costs and time away from school.

It’s convenient

Available anywhere, anytime and from the comfort of your home.

It reduces waiting time

Cut the time of waiting in lines and scheduling appointments.

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