Healthchat for Patients

Answers when you need them

For Patients

Fast, easy and reliable access to non-emergency medical services.

With Healthchat, you can get in touch with your personal doctor, or discover a new one, from your smartphone or tablet. It’s the easiest way to communicate with your doctor or care manager, second only to face-to- face conversation.

Follow-ups, diagnostics and consultations are now just a tap away and all within your comfort zone.

Patients love Healthchat because:

It’s simple to use

One tap to record a video message, conduct a real-time session, or text.

It’s cost efficient

Reduce transportation costs and time away from work.

It’s convenient

Available anywhere, anytime and from the comfort of your home or office.

It reduces waiting time

Cut the time of driving, waiting in lines and scheduling appointments.

See Healthchat in action

What patients say

All Docs should be using this! No more waiting for an office visit. Quick access! Love the convenience this simple app affords!

Mike Henderson Patient
Mary Rego

How convenient! Simple to use, easy to navigate and videos are so easy to record. A doctor’s visit will never be the same. No need to wait weeks for a follow up appointment and sit in traffic. Amazing!

Mary Rego Patient

What a great way to reach my own doctor! It’s convenient not to have to take my kids into the office when they are sick. Thank you for making this available to us.

Debra Parrish Patient