This Healthchat Feature Helps Doctors Communicate During Disasters

This Healthchat Feature Helps Doctors Communicate During Disasters

Healthchat’s blend of synchronous and asynchronous communications (real-time video and text/video messaging) is providing doctors an easy way to help storm victims during disasters like Hurricane Irma.

Healthchat users can tap to send a video of their current situation and surroundings, or switch to a real-time video conversation with a doctor as needed. Doctors can securely share pictures, EKG’s and videos with other healthcare professionals and medical facilities, allowing for a more accurate diagnosis and faster response times.

The asynchronous nature of the app works especially well during disasters when cellphone reception is spotty, being able to transmit messages when it grabs a signal for a few seconds.

The feature is built into Healthchat and combines both mobile and cloud technology, allowing messages to always be accessible, even if a phone is lost or destroyed.  It’s a simple, yet powerful tool that helps patients get answers to their non-emergency questions quickly and securely, easing the burden on hospitals and emergency personnel.

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