Group Practices

Healthchat for Group Practices

A Modern Solution For Traditional Care

Telehealth For Group Practices

A Modern Solution for Traditional Care

Developed to complement the demanding work environment of group practices, Healthchat enhances existing workflows through faster and simpler communications.

By tying together the unique communication needs of group practices with HIPAA compliance and privacy, Healthchat enables customers to improve operational efficiency, patient engagement and expand the way care is delivered.

Group Practices love Healthchat because:

group practices increase revenue

It increases revenue

Attract and process more patients per day while freeing up doctors and medical staff.

group practices patient experience

It improves your patient experience

Extend your services by allowing patients to connect with you from anywhere.

group practices EHR integration

It’s easy to implement

Integrate with our Simple API® and be up and running in no time.

medical center efficiency

It Improves Efficiency

Implement doctor-doctor-nurse communications. 3X faster than texting alone. 75% more accurate.

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Client Use Cases

1: An advantage of using Healthchat is that it lets your patients show their health issues rather than only using words to describe their problem – All without having to make a visit to the doctor’s office.

2: An advantage of using Healthchat is that messages can be easily integrated and customized with existing Applications and EHR Systems such as EPICCERNER and ATHENAHEALTH.

3: Extend your services by offering care after-hours or on weekends without adding staff, setting your practice apart!

Be A Hero For Next To Nothing

Your patients can download the Healthchat app for free. As a physician, you’ll pay a low monthly subscription fee, and you can add as many support staff members as you like. For just pennies per patient, you’ll look like a hero – making their lives easier and yours too!

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What people say

Healthchat delivered a communications solution that is tailored to our unique requirements for telemedicine and provides an incredibly efficient way for our doctors to connect with each other.

Richard Cabrera

CIO, St. Clair Medical