Healthchat for Employers

A Modern Solution For Traditional Care

For Employers

A Modern Solution for Traditional Care

Add telehealth to your employees’ benefits package to improve their access to care, reduce their medical costs and save them time – leading to more productivity and efficiency at work.

Unlike traditional telehealth services that connect employees with random doctors for non-emergency cases, Healthchat provides a connection to one’s personal physician. You can also choose to use our Simple API® to provide seamless access to doctors using their existing employee credentials.

Employers love Healthchat because:

It impacts your bottom line

Increasing productivity and efficiency

It’s easy to Implement

Integrates through API or SSO

It sets you apart

Attract new employees and keep existing ones happy by offering telehealth services

It’s Private and Secure

HIPAA compliant with all information encrypted.

Employees love Healthchat because:

It connects you with your own doctor, not a stranger

It’s available anywhere, anytime, from the comfort of your home or office

It reduce waiting time

It’s cost efficient

What people say

Our employees love our telehealth benefit. We integrated it into our existing app and now they are able to reach their personal doctor with the tap of a button.

Melanie Sanchez

HR Director