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Whether you want to improve your care process, reach new patients, or simplify your communications, Healthchat has a solution to help you grow.

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Our community includes physicians, pediatricians, dermatologists, mental health counselors, and many more. Any healthcare provider can join Healthchat. Fill out your profile to include your practice address and profile picture so people can find you easily.

Share with your patients

Let your patients know you offer additional benefits to help them get care faster. From non-emergencies, to follow-up questions, to lab results. Send them an email or text that links to your customized webpage on how to sign up and reach you. Contact us for info on setting it up for free.

Provide exceptional care

Delight your patients with what you know and do best. Provide care that fits into your workflow and lifestyle.

Bill at your own rate

The flexibility to choose your own billing rate. You can leverage your existing billing system, so no need to introduce new processes or learn a new system.

Add Assistants to your care team

Adding assistants to your care team improves office efficiency, allowing you to process more patients per day with your existing staff.

Chat with other doctors and nurses

Know that your conversations are safe and secure. HIPAA compliant. Improve your clinical communications easily and cost effectively.

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Getting started with Healthchat

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From providing marketing materials to understanding regulations- we’ve got tools and resources to help you.

What Doctors Say about Healthchat

What I like about Healthchat the most is the ability to respond to patient inquiries when it’s most convenient. It complements our office workflow very well, unlike other telemedicine products.

Dr. Michael Chen