Healthchat for Doctors

Set your practice apart

Telehealth For Doctors

A Modern Solution for Traditional Care

Developed to complement the hectic schedules of doctors and care managers. With Healthchat, experience fast and simple mobile conversation with your patients, and add flexibility and convenience to your schedule.

Text, video message, or schedule live video sessions. You can triage inquiries through team members and prioritize which ones require your personal response.

Doctors love Healthchat because:

Healthchat patient experience

It improves your patient experience

Extend your services into the home and put a smile on their face, sooner!

telehealth flexible schedule

It adds flexibility to your schedule

Respond to messages at your convenience from any location.

telemedicine video visit

It sets you apart

Demonstrate that you embrace the most modern methods of delivering healthcare.

telehealth clinical communications

It improves care collaboration

Chat with your staff, other doctors and specialists using text and video.

Client Use Cases

Healthchat doctors talking

1: An advantage of using Healthchat is that it lets your patients show their health issues rather than only using words to describe their problem – All without having to make a visit to the doctor’s office.

2: Follow up with patients after they leave the office. A simple video message or live video session from you or your staff goes a long way to improving customer service and providing personalized care.

3: Patients sometimes have questions after discharge. All messages are stored, so they can replay your response at any time.

Be A Hero For Next To Nothing

Your patients can download the Healthchat app for free. As a physician, you’ll pay a low monthly subscription fee, and you can add as many support staff members as you like. For just pennies per patient, you’ll look like a hero – making their lives easier and yours too!

Ready to add Telehealth to your practice?

Healthchat doctor

What Doctors Say

What I like about Healthchat the most is the ability to respond to patient inquiries when it’s most convenient. It complements our office workflow very well, unlike other telemedicine products.

Dr. Michael Chen