Healthchat Testimonials

A Modern Solution for Traditional Care

What People Say About Healthchat

What I like about Healthchat the most is the ability to respond to patient inquiries when it’s most convenient. It complements our office workflow very well, unlike other telemedicine products.

Dr. Michael Chen

We replaced our phone call and text follow-ups with short, personal video messages to our patients. A simple video message goes a long way in making that personal connection and it sets my practice apart.

Dr. Chris Alvarez

Very simple to use. Healthchat helps me communicate with other doctors that have hectic schedules, instead of playing phone tag with them. I can now spend more time treating my patients.

Dr. Moneeze Mujtaba

Our employees love our telehealth benefit. We integrated Healthchat into our existing app and now they are able to reach their personal doctor with the tap of a button.

Melanie Sanchez

HR Director

What I like most is the personal connection that Healthchat provides. We were previously reaching out to our members via phone and visiting their homes. Using Healthchat greatly improved our efficiency and bottom line.

Brenda Joseph

Director, Oakridge Health & Rehabilitation

Healthchat delivered a communications solution that is tailored to our unique requirements for telemedicine and provides an incredibly efficient way for our doctors to connect with each other.

Richard Cabrera

CIO, St. Clair Medical

Through our partnership with Healthchat, we’ve had amazing success conducting our counseling sessions remotely, significantly reducing our no-show rates.

Anne Thompson

COO, Blue Streams Counseling

We worked closely with the Healthchat team to develop a security model for healthcare organizations, which significantly reduces their risk and liability.

Jose Garcia

VP of IT, Carvajal Consultants