Case Management

Healthchat for Case Management

A Modern Solution for Traditional Care

Telehealth For Case Management

A Modern Solution for Traditional Care

Developed to complement the demanding work environment of Case Managers, Healthchat offers a fast and simple Telehealth platform that provides easy communication with clients and members, helping them operate more efficiently and save substantial costs.

All communications are recorded and stored in our cloud and Meta data such as dates and times can be easily accessed for reporting and reference. You can add Healthchat as a stand-alone platform, integrate it with your EHR, or use it as a white-labeled solution to have it cohesively match your current environment.

Case Managers love Healthchat because:

Telemedicine customer service

It improves your client experience

Extend your services into the home while being more personal and accurate through video.

Healthchat increase revenue

It increases revenue

See more clients and members per day by conducting sessions remotely.

Telemedicine api

It’s easy to implement

Integrate with our Simple API® and be up and running in no time.

Telemedicine efficiency

It sets you apart

Demonstrate that you embrace the most modern methods of delivering healthcare.

Client Use Cases

Healthchat case management

1: Extend your services into the home by replacing house calls with remote, live video sessions – allowing you to see their surroundings just like you would in person.

2: Reach your clients anytime and anywhere by sending a video message – allowing them to reply at a convenient time from home, at work, or even at the store.

3: Decrease membership turnover by building stronger relationships with your clients through more personalized care.

Be A Hero For Next To Nothing

Your patients can download the Healthchat app for free. For Case Managers, you pay a low monthly subscription fee, and you can add as many support staff members as you like. For just pennies per patient, you’ll look like a hero – making their lives easier and yours too!

Ready to add Telehealth to your benefits?

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What people say

What I like most is the personal connection that Healthchat provides. We were previously reaching out to our members via phone and visiting their homes. Using Healthchat greatly improved our efficiency and bottom line.

Brenda Joseph

Director of Operations, Oakridge Health & Rehabilitation