How to easily add Telehealth to your Medical Practice

How to easily add Telehealth to your Medical Practice

Did you know that 31% of today’s millennial generation do not make calls on their mobile phone?

Instead, they use it to text and chat, often using video chat applications, like FaceTime or Healthchat.


If you’re a medical practitioner, you already know your patients and nurses are always on their mobile phone, to the point of distraction.

So how do you integrate telehealth and telemedicine into your practice? What are the benefits to you and your patients?


First, you should know there are really just 2 aspects to get right:

  • The technical setup
  • Your internal procedures


The technical setup is very simple:

  • You simply download the app
  • Set up your user ID and practice address
  • And you’re done.


Internal Procedures

  • Once you’re setup, you’ll need to also let your patients know about this great new service.


  • You can add the invite to your emails and your invoices or simply let them know about it when you interact with them.


  • In addition to getting the application set up on both your device and your patients’,  you can also attach billing codes to messages and determine which patients get billed, which is all done from within the app.


That’s pretty much it, you can now use the application to reach out to your patients and they can use it reach out to you as well. All without affecting your workflow.




  • Using Healthchat, patients can provide you with a recorded video of their symptoms – this helps tremendously as the most effective communication is non-verbal in nature.


  • As the system also provides Real-time Video, you and your patients benefit from the visual interaction between Doctor and Patient.


  • Your medical practice can be more efficient, especially with the ability for you to leave recorded video messages or a text, allowing you to time shift while delivering better quality health services.


  • Your patients benefit from having the ability to replay your medical advice, and are thus much more likely to follow your medication instructions, which is a key issue in today’s environment.



There you have it, a complex problem solved by the application of simple technology. Your patients will appreciate your efforts to make their life simpler.


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