Sonia Albornoz Gutierrez

Sonia Albornoz Gutierrez

Director, Business Development

Sonia comes to us with an educational background in Mass Communications and Journalism. She has rich experience in business administration where she focused her career for the last 10 years; specifically in the areas of Human Capital Management, Personnel Administration and Workflow Management. She has a diverse Latin American background with roots in Cuba and Nicaragua.

Sonia has served as a Senior Consultant for Albornoz-Gutierrez & Associates, helping small business owners establish a solid foundation for productivity and expansion through the application of administrative technology and management leadership coaching; helping new business owners gain confidence and certainty in the steps needed to get products into the hands of their customers.

She is passionate about helping people improve their lives and empowering individuals to take charge of their well being; factors she learned to embrace over five years while volunteering for local non-profit organizations.

On her free time she enjoys the company of her husband and three children.

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Sonia Albornoz Gutierrez

Director, Business Development

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