Michelle Green

Michelle Green

Director, Customer Experience

Michelle comes to us with an educational background in Communication and Media Studies. She has rich experience in Health Services administration where she focused her career for the last 4 years. Michelle has served as a Customer Services Consultant for the Walt Disney Company, helping customers explore the array of Disney products and services across the world. On her free time she enjoys learning about wine and its complexities, while serving as a blog contributor to Covino, a company that enjoys providing wine facts to consumers in a fun and engaging way.

Our Team

Chris Chowquan Healthchat

Chris Chowquan

C0-Founder & Director

Miguel Carvajal Healthchat

Miguel Carvajal

Director, Software Development

Jacob Jackson Healthchat

Jacob C. Jackson

Director of Legal

Sonia Albornoz Gutierrez

Director, Business Development

Mark Kent

Advisor, CEO of Women's Health Care

Moneeze Mujtaba

Dr. Moneeze Mujtaba


Kistama Naidu

Dr. Kistama Naidu


Kistama Naidu

Michelle Green

Director, Customer Experience